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Growing your own graduates

Investing in your staff

It can be hard to make your business stand out in an already crowded marketplace. Having a workforce with exceptional skills is essential to helping you achieve this. Corporate degrees from Geneyus, accredited by the University of Northampton, will help your workforce acquire skills that match your business' needs, culture and ambitions.

We'll work with you to deliver a bespoke programme that's unique to your business and that enhances performance across the company.

There are many benefits to offering your staff a flexible route to a university degree: you'll clearly show your commitment to supporting their careers – and consequently you'll experience lower staff turnover; plus you're more likely to keep your key employees – so you'll reduce your recruitment costs as a result.

How will corporate degrees benefit your business?

You'll develop talent: by investing in your staff – and investing in corporate degrees from Geneyus, accredited by the University of Northampton – you'll end up managing and developing an exceptional team.

You'll empower and retain staff: by investing in and developing your team, you'll make them feel valued, which will subsequently increase their loyalty.

You'll employ work-ready graduates: besides offering a bespoke programme tailored for your business, you'll also have access to work-ready graduates with the skills and knowledge your business requires to help ensure its success.

To talk to us about corporate degrees and how they can benefit your business, get in touch.

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